Embodied Radiance

A stylized photo of women in shadow dancing in the forest with the Embodied Radience text and details written over the top. Women's Sacred Celebration - Spiral Path Journeys

A Women’s Sacred Celebration Retreat in England 2025

This is a call to Women who desire to Reconnect with Themselves and Embody Their Radiant Authenticity in breathtaking Britain!

Join this small group retreat to reclaim and celebrate your beautiful Divine Self while being nourished by the Land and supported by your Soul Sisters.

Perfect for Solo Travelers, Embodied Radiance—A Women’s Sacred Celebration in England is a very special two-part retreat, including a Main Retreat and an optional Extended Quest.

The Main Retreat, A Sacred Celebration of Empowerment!

At a gorgeous garden estate and manor house in Somerset, England. Feel absolutely loved and supported by the stunning English countryside, powerful sacred sites, stone circles, holy wells, and more. The incredible energy of this Land joyfully offers gifts found in no other place on earth. 

May 31- June 6, 2025. Limited to 7 people!

The Extended Quest, Steeped in Myth, Mysticism, and Immense Power!

In a charming old farmhouse on the awe-inspiring coast of North Cornwall, England. Surrounded by the nurturing energy of the grand green cliffs and deep blue ocean waters of England’s west coast, explore even deeper the gifts of Embodying your Radiance.

June 6-10, 2025. Limited to 4 people!

If you are ready to fully step into the beautiful Soul you are and confidently live your life! As a sovereign and empowered being, knowing that you have EVERYTHING you need within yourself, then join Jennifer on a transformational journey to the stunning and nourishing English countryside and coast.

A note from one of last year’s participants

“…the setting, the excursions and activities, the nourishing vegetarian food prepared by our amazing caterer, and being around these wonderful ladies. It was here in these lands and places I visited where I felt whole, healthy, and connected…to myself, to the earth, and to a higher infinite power. It felt like coming home after a difficult journey. And even though I was many miles away, somehow I felt very close to the people (back home) who mean the most to me. I hope to never forget this time, and when life gets me down, I will close my eyes and imagine that I can return here anytime because it all lives in my heart.”

Travel allows you to cultivate love and trust in yourself like nothing else. Spiral Path Journeys wants to help you experience your own Transformational Travel through heart-nourishing Group Retreats and life-changing Solo Travel Quests.

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