Invaders, Traders & Pyramid Builders

A woman stands in the desert in Egypt with a pyramid in the background. Invaders, Traders & Pyramid Builders - Inverted Atlas

Embark on a journey to ancient wonders in our Egyptian archaeology tour with Inverted Atlas

Explore the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum. Marvel at its treasures, meticulously preserved. While continuing your adventure by standing in the Sphinx enclosure at Giza. Feel the ancient mystique envelop you as you stand between its paws.

Moving on to more treasures, delve into the opulent tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens. Experience royal grandeur firsthand. Transitioning to another site, explore the immense tomb of Seti I. Witness years of meticulous renovations firsthand.

Next, uncover the extensive subterranean labyrinths of the Step-Pyramid of King Djoser and marvel at its architectural ingenuity. Venture into the Serapeum, the tomb of the Apis Bull at Saqqara, and discover ancient rituals preserved in stone.

To conclude your journey, trek into the deserts of Middle Egypt. Explore the tombs of the Amarna period and Akhenaten’s lost city buried beneath the sands.

Archeology Trip Highlights

  • Unparalleled access to sites that only accept a small number of visitors or are off limits to the public, such as the tombs of Nefertari and Seti I and the underground chambers of the Step Pyramid.
  • A tour of the long-awaited ‘Grand Egyptian Museum’, including the Grand Staircase and Tutankhamun exhibit.
  • Discover some of Egyptology’s lesser-known marvels with visits to the early 4th dynasty pyramid of Meidum, the Seti I temple at Abydos, the tomb of the Apis Bull at Saqqara and the archaeological site of Amarna, Akhenaten’s city in the desert
  • Visit an active archaeological dig at Hierakonpolis, Egypt’s first unified capital and the site of history’s first zoo.
  • Safari into the dunes surrounding the Fayoum to see the fossils of whale bones in the desert, explore the beautiful streets of Tunis village; considered one of the most beautiful in Egypt and pay a visit to the enigma of the archaeological site of Tanis which contains statues that date back to before the city was founded.
  • Stay in traditional and historic hotels throughout, as well as locally boutique hotels and lodges on this archaeology trip to rival all others

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