Meet Your Writer in Paris

A group of women who participated in the Meet You Write workshop in Paris - Meet Your Writer in Paris - Cynthia Morris

 An opportunity to write and explore the City of Light while you meet your writer in Paris.

Have you ever felt the burning desire to write, to express yourself creatively, or to share your stories with the world? Maybe you’ve already embarked on this journey through personal or professional writing projects, but deep down, you know there’s more waiting to be unleashed.

Our lives are full, and often, the writer in us gets stuck in the back row while all our other roles take precedence. This is your chance to take the trip your creative self has been craving. Meet Your Writer in Paris gives you the chance to finally learn why you must write and how to keep writing when you get home. 

What if you knew your writer more deeply? If you had clarity about her preferences, her needs, and the things she wants to write, it would be easier to make time in your busy life for the writing you feel called to do.

Meet Your Writer in Paris is a chance to visit the City of Light with your writer in the lead. When we have our writer in the center of our lives, here’s what’s possible:

  • We feel a greater sense of purpose
  • We honor our creative selves for our own sake and
  • We feel vitality and enthusiasm for life and writing again.

In a week in Paris, you will connect with your writer in ways you’ve been craving. Together, we will:

  • Decide what we really want to write next
  • Get to know our writer selves – you will be surprised and delighted!
  • Have fun with other writers.

How we’ll learn together

Daily sessions will explore why we write, what we want to write, and how we can make writing a priority in our day-to-day lives. Afternoon writing jams in cafés to ink our inspiration.

A few fun excursions together will give you a chance to enjoy Paris with like-minded peers. Three individual coaching sessions will deepen and customize your experience.

The final group celebration will honor your writer and send you home with inner riches you won’t access elsewhere. There will be plenty of time on your own to explore, discover, and let your writer lead you to new experiences and insights.

About your host

Your guide, Cynthia Morris has been leading writing and creativity retreats in Paris since 2005. A certified coach, author, and artist. She knows how trips to Paris can be more than just fun – with our writer in the lead, Paris can be life-changing.

Cynthia’s books include the Paris historical novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, Visit Paris Like an Artist, and The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book. She travels to Paris at least once a year and continues to grow and learn from this city devoted to creative expression.

Through her company, Original Impulse, Cynthia coaches people to start and finish their books. She leads writing and creativity workshops in Paris and elsewhere and is known for her compassion and her joie de vivre. She’s grateful to put her French degree to use in Paris. Cynthia lives in Denver with her husband, where she is writing her second novel, going to yoga, and biking everywhere.

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