Safari Retreat in Kenya with Oculus Travel

Samburu tribe members are lining up for a group photograph - Safari Retreat in Kenya - Oculus Travel

Join us this November for an unforgettable five-night wellness retreat in the heart of Samburu, Kenya.

This retreat, hosted by Oculus Travel and facilitated by two seasoned retreat professionals, celebrates nature, travel, and our paths as female travelers through life’s journey.

Join us on this transformative journey to find clarity, joy and rediscover your sparkle! Say yes to adventure! And be part of a like-minded group of women looking for a chance to celebrate their journey and accomplishments.

We’ll spend 4 nights at Sasaab Lodge, where safari and zen blend perfectly, encouraging a deep sense of calm and reconnection with nature and self. Enjoy home-grown goodness from the garden and nutritious menus designed by the Executive Chef to support your rejuvenation journey.

Our wellness program intertwines with unforgettable safari experiences, such as:

  • Explore the Samburu wilderness on game and various wilderness excursions. Additionally, gain insights into Samburu traditions through the lodge’s 4Cs cultural learning hub.
  • Guided by the wellness facilitators, this is your chance to reflect, grow, and be nourished on all levels. You will gain inspiration and transformative learning tools to integrate into your daily life back home.
  • Culminating our trip at Giraffe Manor.

On our final night in Nairobi, we’ll reflect on what we learned from the previous days in the wild. After taking some time to refresh in the wilds of Kenya, return home rejuvenated and energized, ready for your next chapter.

Your retreat facilitators:

Nathalie Sommer is a transformational life coach who focuses on improving our relationships with ourselves and others. She enjoys seeing her clients transform as they reconnect and rediscover their sparkle.

Melanie Angerer is a health, nutrition, and movement coach. Melanie helps her clients align their physical experiences with their emotional and personal development desires. Giving them the tools to revitalize and facilitate achieving their life goals.

A minimum sign-up of 4 guests is required for this tour to proceed.

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