Sororal x Morocco

A woman standing in shadows in an alley in Morocco, wearing a long, patterned dress looks back at the camera. Sororal X Morocco

*This tour has multiple departure dates

Additional Dates: Private group tours can be arranged at a date of your choosing.

Experience vibrant Morocco with Sororal

Explore the colourful souks, where you can shop for that one-of-a-kind treasure, and discover the hidden stories of women artisans who create remarkable works of art on this Sororal x Morocco trip. Indulge in the beauty of stunning riads, where you’ll find sanctuary and a genuine sense of sisterhood. Savour the aromatic mint tea, delight in the flavours of Morocco’s world-famous cuisine, and be inspired by the strength and resilience of the local women who have shaped this extraordinary country. This trip not only allows you to witness the iconic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes, but also highlights the invaluable contributions of female entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, and community leaders.

By diving deep into Morocco’s culture, you’ll return home with treasured memories, a profound connection to the sisterhood of women, and a renewed passion for embracing your power and celebrating the diverse voices of women around the world.

MINDFUL: Step into the heart of Morocco and discover “Baraka,” the essence of finding contentment in life’s simple joys. On this mindful trip for women, fully immerse yourself in the Moroccan way of savouring moments, whether amidst the vibrant medinas or sipping mint tea in our riad courtyard. On this trip we encourage you to truly experience the art of slowing down, enjoying every bite of flavourful tagines (there will be plenty!), and cherishing unhurried conversations with your sisters under the North African sun.

MEANINGFUL: In Morocco, your travel dollars will be used to support pioneering female entrepreneurs, from artisans preserving traditional crafts and recipes to innovative women shaping modern industries. You’ll be fully immersed in their stories in the hope of enriching your journey with a deeper understanding of Morocco’s progressive spirit and the contributions of its ever-inspiring women. Additionally, your journey contributes to Amal Nonprofit, a grassroots organization providing a safe and loving space where strong, resilient women can rewrite their narratives and step into their power.

MEMORABLE: No shortage of memories here! Explore the ancient wonders of Fez’s El-Bali medina, tracing its vibrant history. Unleash your creativity during an embroidery workshop, crafting your masterpiece alongside local artisans. Indulge in a Henna Party and dive into Moroccan cuisine through a lively cooking class, savouring the rich flavours of the local customs and cultures. Discover complete calmness at Agafay, with luxury tents, serene poolside vibes, and mesmerizing camel rides under the desert sun. Whether you add in a hot air balloon ride, a Medina shopping spree or a trip to the coast, this trip is all about experiencing culture, empowerment, and pure joy.

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