Splendours of Egypt, A Women-only Tour

Relishing a serene Nile Cruise en route to the enchanting city of Aswan, experiencing the tranquil beauty of Egypt's iconic river journey - SPLENDOURS OF EGYPT, A WOMEN-ONLY TOUR - Insight Vacations

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Cruise the Nile River and See the Pyramids on a 12-Day Women-Only Tour of Egypt with Insight Vacations

Cruise the Nile, gain insights into the art of belly dancing, and explore the splendors of Egypt on this 12-day women-only tour. Enjoy a sundowner at the Old Cataract Hotel, where Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie once dined. Continue down the Nile to Luxor to see the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs — including the famous Tutankhamun — are buried. In Cairo, see the oldest pyramid in the world, the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, before traveling to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Pyramids of Giza. Here, stand face-to-face with the towering sphinx and later, see a sound and light show dance across the stones.

Tour MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences: Here’s a selection of the options

  • In Aswan, meet the women of a local women-owned co-operative. Whose mission is to support vulnerable women from the local villages to learn new skills and become financially independent.
  • Delve into the fascinating history of papyrus. Experience a fascinating demonstration on how the ancient Egyptians used papyrus leaves for writing.
  • Satisfy your curiosity and your taste buds over an Egyptian cooking class with your talented onboard chef.
  • Meet a sailor on a traditional Nile felucca and learn the art of sailing this ancient Nile craft.

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