Uganda Great Apes & Wildlife Safari

Uganda Great Apes & Wildlife Safari - Rupi the African Trotter

Trekking Rhinos, Chimpanzees & Mountain gorillas plus Lions & The Nile on a Wildlife Safari

A safari in Uganda takes you to her Mountain gorillas and the Nile, meeting her people and lavishing in the richness of landscapes that makes Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Join Rupi Mangat, a third generation local and a leading Kenyan travel writer who lives in this tropical paradise on the Equator, the denizen of big game – elephants and rhino; lions, leopards and cheetahs; and mighty raptors that soar the skies.

Imagine adventure-filled days on a mountain, the sweeping savannah and on the mighty Nile revered from the era of the pharaohs. Be amazed by Uganda’s wildlife that is a treasure-trove of life on earth – from the endangered Mountain gorillas to the endemic Uganda kob; from the chimpanzees to prehistoric Shoebill; from the predators and prey of the African plains to so much more.

You will be enchanted.

African elephant in Murchison National Park. Paraa Safari Lodge

November is one of the most exciting months to be on safari and watch the land turn lush and green at the end of the short rains. Typically the days are interspersed with spells of showers followed by hours of sunshine for the wildlife (and us) to soak in.


  • Luxury Safari in diverse wildlife areas
  • Seeing Africa’s big game including the gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild
  • Trek for the Mountain gorilla with the award-winning CTPH gorilla guardians
  • Stay in unique wildlife lodges, one by the Nile
  • See Uganda’s, rare endemic animals only found in Uganda
  • Stay in a luxury hotel on the shores of the world’s 2nd largest freshwater lake that is the source of the Nile
  • Sail the Nile to the most powerful waterfall in the world
  • Be awed by the Mountains of the Moon
  • Toast to Africa every evening
  • Indulge in mouth-watering international and Uganda’s cuisine

Your days will be filled with watching the big cats like the lions and leopards, and elephants and all that African wildlife in diverse parks with iconic backdrops like the Mountains of the Moon i.e. the Ruwenzoris and ending each day with a toast to the wild in the glow of the ‘golden light’.

You will meet the gorilla guardians working with the dynamic Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoma founder of the award-winning Conservation Through Public Health who will amaze you with the success story of Uganda’s Mountain gorillas and the local people living there.

PS: Since then in 2015, Mountain gorillas numbers are up: 1,063 from 800

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