Vancouver Island Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

Sunlight filters through the redwood trees in Victoria, British Columbia - Vancouver Island Trail Running + Wellness Retreat Run Wild Retreats


Your body changes as you age, and so should your relationship to running. Join Run Wild retreats for Vancouver Island Trail Running + Wellness Retreat and discover how mindful running can help you love this stage of your life and all your body and mind can achieve

Mindful running isn’t just a mindset; it’s a physical practice that reconnects you to your body and all its many changes during a transformative life phase such as perimenopause, menopause or some other body-altering event. Through daily run-walks of up to six miles at a time, learn mindful running techniques that not only lessen running’s impact on your joints and muscles but also bring more relaxation and flow to your entire gait. Embrace your body’s changes and shift physical limitations from obstacles to opportunities.

Each day’s run is an opportunity to practice mindfulness, soak in nature’s beauty and embrace the joy of playing in the great outdoors. You’ll run among 800-year-old Douglas Fir trees dripping with bright-green lichen and feel the soft, loamy soil under your feet. You’ll run expansive beaches in Pacific Rim National Park, in awe of the ocean’s power and beauty. In addition to learning how to run mindfully in order to maximize the stress-reducing effects of running, you’ll hear how the indigenous peoples known as the Yuutu?it?ath First Nation used ancient cedar trees to build sturdy seafaring canoes for fishing and whale hunting.

From the safety of the shoreline, you may see sea lions and seals, or puffins nesting and birds of prey frolicking high overhead in the windswept trees. During our afternoon Whale Watching tour in Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a learning place for sustainable economic, social and environmental development. This biodiverse region is a critical piece of the Emerald Edge—a 100-million-acre coastal, temperate rainforest that stretches from coastal Washington, through British Columbia and into Southeast Alaska.

Each day of this retreat presents an opportunity for you to indulge in nature’s beauty, self-care and mindfulness, where you can spend your time browsing Tofino’s art galleries and boutiques or watching the sunset over Long Beach, lounging by the sea with a book, or soaking in the jacuzzi, find time to the things that fill your soul and recharge your energy.

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