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I started out as a solo female traveler. It was scary the first time but was such an amazing experience that it became my preference. As a company, Inverted Atlas now prides itself of offering women travellers a path to experience some of the most least travelled and off-the-beaten-path destinations in the world.

Inverted Atlas was founded at the end of 2019 (we know, great time to open a tour business right?), by our owner and founder Kristina Wilson. Kristina has travelled extensively all over the globe to every continent including Antarctica. Prior to founding Inverted Atlas Kristina worked as a tour manager escorting tours for other companies around Europe, Turkey, along the Trans-Mongolian Railway and Silk Road, as well as overland safaris through Africa.

Inverted Atlas aims to offer an immersive experience in the countries we visit. What does this mean? It means when you wake up in one of our hotels on tour, you will know where you are from the moment you wake up. When you eat it could be at a locally owned restaurant, it could be food from a guided street walk, it could be breakfast by the sea or a farm-to-table experience with a local farmer, it could even be food you have cooked yourself during a cooking class. Our on-tour experiences are authentic and not contrived, that is they aren’t just put on for tourists. Think of participating in an active archaeological dig in Egypt for the afternoon or assisting our nomadic host family in Mongolia to relocate their Ger from their summer camp to their winter one.

At Inverted Atlas we travel to locations which are more off-the-beaten-path, whether this is a country where few travellers have ventured like Algeria or visiting a well-travelled destination like Egypt in a more unique way. We offer people a way to experience these destinations on a very real level and this also means we are small-group (no more than 15 travellers), which allows us to stay in smaller more local properties and sometimes even take up experiences that may present themselves along the way. We are also very proud of our initiatives aimed at giving back to the communities we visit and each tour supports a different charity and often visits that initiative so that you can either participate or observe the good work being done.

We also offer tours with a special interest focus which are a great way of experiencing your passion in another country. Fancy a food Odyssey in Morocco? A wildlife adventure tracking Snow Leopards in Mongolia? Long lunches and wine tastings on our wine tour of Georgia? Drinking in the history of ancient Egypt on an academic level with our archaeology tour or experiencing the colourful festivals of India with our exciting range of festival tours? We’re sure you’ll find something to ignite your passion with Inverted Atlas.

Inverted Atlas currently visits destinations in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and the surrounding countries.

Single Supplement Policy

Our pricing is based on double occupancy, however travellers can elect to share with another single of the same sex if available. Our single supplements are priced at cost to us, we don’t believe in penalising single travellers who want their own room by charging half the tour price again.

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