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As a physician and a tour operator for wellness adventures, my philosophy on women’s travel is deeply rooted in my belief that exploration is not just about visiting exciting new places, but also about personal growth, healing, and connection.

As a woman about to turn 60, I understand some of the desires and challenges in this phase of life. LH Adventure Travel provides an opportunity for women to step out the ordinary and redefine their sense of self. Health and wellbeing is supported by offering activities such as hiking in nature, relaxing at a spa, and nourishing our bodies with Whole Foods. And connection is fostered by creating a space where women can share themselves and celebrate each other. The intimate group sizes and thought-provoking conversations during meals create a supportive community, where women can share experiences, perspectives, and aspiration

LH Adventure Travel Stacy FuntHello! I’m Stacey Funt, a physician, certified health coach, and lifelong global adventure traveler deeply passionate about exploring the world. After my twins headed off to college, I found myself at a pivotal moment—an opportunity to reinvent myself and channel my energy into something new that aligned with my skills, values, and desires. For years, I dreamed of curating wellness travel adventures for women, and with the timing right as an empty nester, LH (Lifestyle Health) Adventure Travel was born.

LH Adventures are small group guided wellness travels designed for a diverse group of women, primarily in their 50s and 60s, who share a passion for exploration and self-care. The itineraries center around Lifestyle Medicine pillars—moving in nature, eating well, relaxing, and building a community among awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse cultures. Over meals, we share stories and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

I led my first “official” adventure in 2023 in Morocco where we hiked in the High Atlas and Rif Mountains, relaxed in hammams and spas, stargazed in the desert, feasted on traditional and delicious whole foods, immersed ourselves in local culture, history, and hospitality, and enjoyed each other’s company. Similar elements define each itinerary.

The upcoming adventure in Guatemala includes staying at a luxury spa resort, hiking a volcano, kayaking on Lake Atitlan, riding an ATV to a coffee plantation, participating in a chocolate-making workshop, visiting a medicinal herbal garden and women’s weaving cooperative, and dining at some of Antigua’s best restaurants with fresh, whole food ingredients. Optional yoga classes, massages, and free time to wander are also on the agenda.

Domestic travel is on offer as well, with an upcoming trip to Zion National Park featuring hikes among the red rocks, a sunset jeep tour, Ebike rides in the canyon, an outdoor yoga class, and a few days of relaxation at a spa.

Plans for trips to Peru and Europe in 2025 are in the works. Come join me as we explore the world together!

Commitment to Sustainability

At LH Adventure Travel, our commitment to wellness extends beyond personal health to the well-being of the planet. Here’s how we integrate sustainability into aspects of our adventures:<

  1. Responsible Adventure Tourism Practices
  2. Mindful Movement in Nature
  3. Culinary Experiences with a Purpose
  4. Community Engagement

By joining LH Adventure Travel, you not only embark on a personal wellness journey but also contribute to a collective effort to nurture both individual health and the health of our planet.

Single Supplement Policy

Prices are based on a shared double and single supplements are offered for the additional cost of the accommodations. Partner matching is offered. Prior to each adventure, guests engage in a Zoom discussion with Stacey, where roommate preferences are discussed.

For individuals seeking roommates, virtual introductions are facilitated with other solo travelers, allowing guests to decide on compatibility for themselves.

At select accommodations, such as Riads in Morocco, room availability is limited. Single rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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