A headshot of Collette Travel CEO and President Jaclyn Leibl-Cote wearing a lace blouse.


Collette considers everyone who travels with us to be our personal guest. Every moment matters to us because we know it matters to you. This may be because at heart we are a family owned company that has been in business for over 100 years. It may be because our team are passionate about sharing their own love of travel and uncovering mysteries. Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level. Our inclusive tours provide you more value for your money and more of what makes travel special. Continue Reading Collette

Sisterhood Travels

Well, we’re you! We value old friendships but love making new ones. We’re intellectually curious and love a unique adventure to parts unknown. We might be single, divorced, widowed, or simply have a partner who doesn’t want to travel. Most of all, we’re kind, compassionate women who look forward to cultural immersion, exclusive adventures, lots of laughs, and the magic of Sisterhood.

We at Sisterhood Travels would LOVE to have you join us on any of our incredible, hand-curated tours specifically designed for solo female travel. No ho-hum cookie-cutter trips for our Sisters! With Sisterhood Travels, you’re part of exclusive women-only travel groups, ensuring you’re never alone…unless you prefer little independence from time to time. 85% of our Sisters travel solo in our exclusive groups, many of whom ask us to match them to a roommate! Continue Reading Sisterhood Travels

Phyllis Stoller, President of the Women's Travel Group, poses for a picture.

The Women’s Travel Group

The Women’s Travel Group arranges small group luxury tours for solo women, to new-to-tourism destinations as well to Europe. Tours include in depth experiences, fine hotels, and restaurant meals. There is personal attention from hand picked tour managers. Tours have limited disruption of moving from hotel to hotel; most mobile women will enjoy the leisurely pace. Many tours have speakers. Continue Reading The Women’s Travel Group

Sarah E Devlin, CEO and owner of Women in Wildlife Photography, poses for the camera wearing a straw cowboy hat and holding a long-lensed camera.

Women In Wildlife Photography

Women in Wildlife Photography seeks to inspire and educate through exclusive women-only tours and educational programs. Embark on a photographic journey tailored for women, expanding your portfolio and acquiring new photography skills. Indulge in adventure, immerse yourself in nature, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow women photographers as you have fun capturing the essence of the world around you. Continue Reading Women In Wildlife Photography

Tour Companies Canada

Global Family Travels

Through Global Family Travels three pillars of Learn, Serve and Immerse, our expand-your-family-circle trips offer travelers the opportunity to authentically connect with the local people, cultures and natural beauty of the destinations we visit. Whether it is a customized journey, or a small group global adventure, each experience features a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, as well as community engagement to help make a positive impact on the lives of people and natural habitats where we visit.
In addition to our group trips, we offer custom trip planning or tTravel Advisor Servicesfor families, multi-generational travel, individual adventurers, or spiritual seekers. Continue Reading Global Family Travels

Llama Expeditions - Founder Diane Valenti

Llama Expeditions

Our trips take you to emerging destinations and largely undiscovered, yet magical, places in popular destinations. We like to go where travel can do the most good and not contribute to problems of over tourism. Continue Reading Llama Expeditions

Stacey Funt - LH Adventure Travel

LH Adventure Travel

Founded a by a female physician, health coach and lifelong global adventure traveller, LH Adventure Travel offers small group guided travels for spirited women who want to move in nature, eat well, relax and build community with other remarkable women amongst awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse cultures. Continue Reading LH Adventure Travel

Harriet Lewis - Managing Director - Overseas Adventure Travel O.A.T.

Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel offers unique small group adventures worldwide by land and sea to Americans over 50. We explore on—and off—the beaten path with a local O.A.T. Trip Experience Leader, immersing ourselves in local cultures, sampling unique modes of transportation, and staying in authentic lodgings that reflect the essence of your destination. Continue Reading Overseas Adventure Travel

Solo Tours for Women

Pack Light Global

Pack Light Global curates amazing vacations for you to enjoy with other travelers with whom we hope will become friends. These are small, immersive experiences that allow us to truly connect with a location and create community. Continue Reading Pack Light Global

Women-Friendly Accommodations

Spiral Path Journeys

Spiral Path Journeys wants to help you experience your own transformational travel. Whether it’s a soul-nourishing group retreat or a life-changing solo travel experience, I’ll help make your retreat experience or solo travel adventure an authentic and meaningful dream come true. Let travel reintroduce you to your inspired self! Continue Reading Spiral Path Journeys

Best Solo Trips for Women

Mejo World

Mejo.World trips are for people who want to explore the diverse treasures of our world, learn about different perspectives and approaches to life, and appreciate history, art, and food. When Mejo travelers step outside of their day to day life and expand their comfort zone, they find a world rich with treasure. Continue Reading Mejo World

Women-Only Travel

Luxe Itinerary

Luxe Itinerary is a NYC-based luxury travel concierge, committed to designing custom itineraries and wellness travel experiences. The true luxury client craves activities that align with their own unique travel personality. I’ll leverage inside connections with my global partners to pair my VIP clients with the destinations, hotels, and experiences that align with their specific profile. Continue Reading Luxe Itinerary