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Best Solo Trips for Women

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Travel helps people expand their comfort zones and discover what they are capable of. Travel is especially important for women, who often spend so much of their time caretaking for others that they neglect themselves. Travel provides the perfect opportunity for them to nourish themselves through exploration, adventure, and contemplation. Travel is play; it’s following curiosity to open up new ways of living life, problem solving, and accomplishment. It is an opportunity to focus on the present, without worrying about the future. It’s amazing how much fuller a single trip can make one’s life.

Mejo.World was officially founded in 2019 by Timathea Workman, an award-winning writer, photographer, and world traveler. Inspired by her love for the wild places on land and sea, the creatures who share the Earth with us, and the beautiful diverse cultures that make up the human race, she decided to share her unique travel journals with more than just her fellow travelers and friends and began a travel publishing company. Her Mejo Memoir Journals encourage the inner journey that is sparked by new surroundings and provide a tangible system for keeping the memory of each trip alive through simple treasures found and recorded along the way. They always become the best souvenir of each trip.

Mejo.World publishes travel journals and country-specific companion travel guides to help travelers travel deeper, get more out of their experience, and see beyond the generic bubble that often limits the tourist’s experience. We offer writers’ retreats to inspiring locations (like a private gothic castle in England, a refurbished farmhouse in the Kingdom of Bhutan, a private dog-sledding lodge in the Alaskan wilderness,) and offer a few boutique hand-picked trips to special places around the world each year, often with an added humanitarian or environmental component (like giving solar lamps to families in villages without electricity in Uganda.)

Commitment to Sustainability

Because Mejo Journeys are dedicated to supporting good stewardship of the planet and life on it, we have joined Rick Steves’ Climate Smart Commitment that invests in a portfolio of carefully selected nonprofits that fight climate change through government advocacy and on-the-ground work. The goal is to pay our fair share of the environmental cost that our trips incur, and to do so in a way that empowers communities throughout the developing world.A donation to this program is Included in the cost of every trip.

Single Supplement Policy

Most of our trips are sold as double occupancy with the option to pay a little more for a solo room. But some trips are offered as solo rooms only. It depends on the journey.

Upcoming Tours

No upcoming tours at this time. Check back soon!

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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