Wellness and Wisdom Journeys

Heather Lee and Monica Ramunda from Wellness and Wisdom Journeys

Psychedelic Wellness Retreats and Services for Soul Healing

At Wellness and Wisdom Journeys, we believe travel exclusively for women and by women holds a unique power that goes beyond mere exploration of new places. Our retreats offer a transformative journey to your soul and the soul of the unique locations we travel to. In these spaces, women can embrace their authentic selves, their souls selves and build meaningful connections with other like-minded women. Our unique women’s plant medicine and mystical mindfulness retreats invite women back into connection with their inner wisdom and the mystery and magic of themselves and the world. We foster a sense of belonging and sisterhood that invites women to share their life journeys, wisdom, and personal perspectives in a safe and compassionate setting. Wellness and Wisdom Journeys invite and ignite women’s wisdom awakening.

A new kind of retreat experience with Wellness and Wisdom Journeys

Wellness and Wisdom Journeys is co-founded and led by Heather Lee and Monica Ramunda. They are seasoned integrative psychotherapists with a combined 40 years of expertise in women’s mental health. Focusing on serving midlife and older women.

Believing unique retreats are creating a new rite of passage for women entering the age of the sage.

Meet Heather and Monica

They are pioneers in curating boutique luxury plant medicine retreats exclusively designed by and for women. Focusing on introducing women to the soul and science of psilocybin. They also offer retreats that they refer to as Mystical Mindfulness, which combine ecotherapy and mindfulness to bring women into a deeply meditative state of connection with nature and nurture their souls.

Heather and Monica are two of the nation’s first certified psychedelic-assisted psychotherapists. Their groundbreaking work with women and psilocybin was the feature of a CBS special hosted by Lisa Ling on the psychedelic renaissance.

Our Retreats

We offer beautiful, safe, and soulful nature-immersive experiences, complemented by luxury accommodations, to introduce women to the transformative potential of psilocybin in a nurturing environment. We offer retreats in Colorado, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

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