Canadian Rockies Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

An aerial view of Lake Louise and its otherworldly blue water, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies - Canadian Rockies Trail Running + Wellness Retreat - Run Wild Retreats


Venture into the heart of Banff National Park and its neighbor to the east, Kananaskis Country, with Run Wild Retreats and let the Canadian Rocky Mountains’ grandeur take your breath away. There’s nothing like standing among these granite giants to make your worries seem small. On our Canadian Rockies Trail Running + Wellness Retreat, each run we do in this stunning landscape will be a mindful movement practice, soothing your nervous system and calming the stream of thoughts racing through your mind.

As the jewel of Canada’s national park system and home to the world’s most photographed lake (you know the one!), Banff National Park is a busy place, however, we’ll do our best to seek out the less-trafficked trails that still offer up tremendous scenic rewards and moments of serenity away from the tourist hoards.

Trail Running and Nordic Spas

We’ve minimized the time we’ll spend driving from place to place to maximize your time to truly relax, or as the Nordic people call it, “hygge”. You’ll have opportunities to soak in your private jacuzzi tub, lounge around the campfire next to a mountain stream, snuggle under a wool blanket with a good book next to a wood-burning fireplace or drink wine in a rustic log cabin with a group of amazing women.

And we’ll cap the week with an afternoon of Scandinavian-style hydrotherapy at the Nordic Spa, where you can feel your body heal from the week of trail running as you cycle through the warm, hot and cold pools and saunas designed to flush out toxins and speed recovery. You’ll return home invigorated and refreshed despite having run six days in a row!

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