Colors, Culture, Capture: A Photography Adventure in Orvieto

A composite image with three distinct photos: on the right, Mindy; to the left, a vibrant group of photographers; and at the bottom, a scenic backdrop of Orvieto. - Colors Culture Capture A Photography Adventure in Orvieto - Adventures in Italy

Capture Orvieto in photos in a new way with Adventures in Italy

On our Colors, Culture, Capture: A Photography Adventure in Orvieto, you’ll join NYC photographer Mindy Veissid as you embark on an inspiring journey through the picturesque streets and rich culture of Orvieto, Italy. In the cobblestone streets and historic corners of this Italian gem, you’ll learn to create striking images that reflect the city’s spirit. Through an innovative blend of cultural exploration and photography practice, you’ll learn to see, feel and capture Orvieto in ways you never imagined.

Develop a keen eye and the ability to transform your photography into an artistic narrative. From any level and any camera, from smartphone to fancy!

Meet your host, Mindy:

Mindy is an innovative, award-winning international fine art photographer and creator of Art Intuitive Photography. Her approach to photography focuses on using intuition, vulnerability and trust to show a deeper sense of who she is and what she sees.

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