Galápagos Volunteer Trip

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Take part in the Galápagos Volunteer Trip with Conservation Volunteers International Program

The Galápagos Islands are a rare and distinctive collection of volcanic islands located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. The combination of hot equatorial sun and cool ocean waters has nurtured rich marine and terrestrial environments. These isolated islands are known for their unique and wide variety of animals, which inspired Darwin and continue to fascinate visitors today.

When you choose how to visit the Galápagos, be inspired by Darwin and the giant tortoises for which the islands were named. Plan to travel slowly, closely observe, and care for its future. Travel with the Conservation Volunteers International Program on our land-based Galápagos Volunteer Trip to see the amazing biodiversity of this volcanic archipelago, learn about its history and geology, and volunteer on two projects which help to sustain it.

Immerse yourself in the Galapagos with the following itinerary:

The Galápagos Volunteer Trip starts on San Cristóbal Island, home to the Interpretive Center at Darwin Bay and the Galápagos Science Center, University of San Francisco de Quito. During the Galápagos Volunteer Trip, we will photograph sea turtles while we snorkel at different sites. Our photography provides data about sea turtles for the University’s sea turtle research project, which aims to protect turtles from damage from boats.

Later, we will transfer by small plane to Isla Isabela, home to Sierra Negra volcano, the second-largest intact crater in the world. In the tropical highlands of the island, we will volunteer on projects which improve the habitat at a giant tortoise sanctuary, where tortoises from the national park’s captive breeding program are raised in a protected environment until they are mature enough to be released in a natural setting in Galápagos National Park.

Join Conservation Volunteers International Program on the Galápagos Volunteer Trip and Travel with Purpose!

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