Ultimate Egypt

Ultimate Egypt - Wild Women Expeditions

Everything about Egypt is bigger than you can fathom. The mega temples, giant statues and jaw-dropper pyramids were built without the restrictions of reality.

It’s spices, sphinxes, statues. It’s a landscape that surprises from brown sugar sand dunes to cornflower salt lakes to jammed cities reverberating with car horns. The bazaars and markets hum with rehearsed barter and quick hands that bag aromatic turmeric and saffron at lightning speed.

Feel the lull of the Nile’s belly in a traditional Dahabiya boat as this itinerary cruises through the best of Egypt at a carefully measured speed designed for absorption.

We’ll immerse ourselves in all things royal and ancient in the shadows of the Queens, goddesses and female pharaohs before us.

Yes, you’ll see all the staples: the Giza Plateau (by camel!), the recumbent Sphinx, the Temple of Luxor, Abu Simbel! We’ll dig deep into the archives of several museums, keep company with an Egyptologist guide and observe the fossilized evolution of whales as they transform under our feet in the Valley of the Whales.

From the towering colonnades and obelisks to the pastoral Nubian countryside, we will follow the Nile’s gentle push to the High Dam to witness UNESCO’s incredible rescue effort and successful relocation of Abu Simbel and Philae Temple.

Though the intricate hennas will eventually fade from our palms, our time in the mystical embrace of Egypt will be indelible.

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