Northern Thailand Active Adventure


*This tour has multiple departure dates

Additional Dates:

Oct 21—31
Nov 4—14
Nov 18—28
Dec 2—12

Jan 5—15
Jan 19—29
Feb 2—12
Feb 16—26
Oct 19—29
Nov 9—19
Nov 16—26
Nov 23—Dec 3
Dec 2—12

This itinerary is packed with childhood dreams–float down the Taeng river on a bamboo raft! Give an elephant a bath! We’ll also hop in a long-tail boat and visit the bamboo floating house village of Mae Ngat Dam Reservoir.

All of Thailand will embrace you in an instant. The mesmerizing aromatics of the curries fill the air–simmering coconut milk, lemongrass, Thai basil, garlic and the fire of bird’s eye chilies. Add the buzz of the neon night markets and bazaars, vibrating with vendors selling everything from noodles to football jerseys to smoothies and intricate Hilltribe embroidery.

This itinerary is packed with childhood dreams–float down the Mea Win river on a bamboo raft! Learn about Asian elephant behavior and antics from the dedicated mahouts at ChangChill. Hop in a long-tail boat and visit the bamboo floating house village of Mae Ngat Dam Reservoir.

The scenery is a guaranteed knock-out: koi ponds, rice paddies, tea plantations, bamboo hills and exotic fruit orchards. We’ll take it all in on foot, by raft and bike saddle while drinking some of the world’s best coffee from the Chiang Rai beans! This is a deep immersion in Thai culture–visit secret temples, a very quirky museum (no spoiler here!), climb up the famed Sticky Waterfalls like Spiderwoman and learn kitchen secrets from the hilltribes.

Did we mention the pampered days of Thai massage and aromatic herbal steams? The eco-lodges and resorts on this trip revolve around harmony, meditation and celebrating the natural soundtrack. Kaomai Lanna Hotel and Resort is an unforgettable boutique resort that celebrates the heritage of Northern Thailand’s tobacco industry. The former tobacco farm and curing barns have been repurposed as sumptuous guest rooms.

We will have the opportunity to visit Studio Naenna, a community of women weavers, embroiderers, designers and support staff who have joined forces to establish “Weavers for the Environment,” creating sustainable products and financial support for local women. Learn the true art of tie-dye and Thai ikat (Mudmee) techniques.

We know what you’re thinking…check! Check! Check!

This trip delivers a HUGE sensory experience from spending time observing the four resident elephants of ChangChill to soupy jungle trails and century-old paths travelled by monks.

Elephants, Treks and Temples is spiritual, satiating, rejuvenating and jammed with unreal scenery. You’ll see.

Activities & Highlights: Boating/Rafting, Cultural, Hiking, Yoga

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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