Greenland and Arctic Canada – High Arctic Explorer


The Greenland and Arctic Canada: High Arctic Explorer is a relaxed immersion into the mesmerizing landscape and traditions of the colourful Inuit communities that pepper the dynamic Greenland coast and Nunavut.

Cruise in sleek comfort aboard the Ocean Endeavour from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Qausuittuq and onward to Resolute, Nunavut (Canada) while experiencing the Arctic at the peak of summer in the buttery glow of the Midnight Sun.

We’ll begin our journey by sailing down one of the longest fjords in the world. Søndre Strømfjord is Danish for “big fjord” (not to be confused with the Ford-450 truck, which is also a big Ford). We’ll also visit the Beechey Island graves that foretell the unexpected end of Franklin’s quest to find the Northwest Passage.

The Inuit welcome in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) is a memorable embrace by the residents of the remote hamlet on the northern tip of Baffin Island. Across Baffin Bay lies the sublime Greenland coast. Ilulissat, the third largest town in Greenland (population: 4,530 humans and 3,500 sled dogs!) means “iceberg” and you’ll soon see why. Humpback whales are also summer tourists here. ‘Iceberg City’ offers unparalleled hiking (can you smell the icebergs? The locals can!), hip cafes and opportunities to try wolffish (Atlantic catfish) and lumpfish roe (also known as lampsuckers).

Cruise among icebergs, growlers and bergy bits in Ilulissat Icefjord, a precious UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ilulissat Icefjord is also home to the Jakobshavn glacier, the world’s fastest glacier. It’s faster than watching grass grow. According to Atlas Obscura, this speedster travels an average of 130 feet in 24 hours and calves more than 45 cubic kilometers of icebergs each year into the Ilulissat Icefjord.

When not on high alert for speeding glaciers, the marine mammals and wildlife between Baffin and Devon Island in Lancaster Sound (ᑕᓪᓗᕈᑎᐅᑉ ᐃᒪᖓ in Inuktitut) play lead roles in the addictive reality TV show that is the Arctic. Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut demands serious binocular time. The biodiverse region is home to the rare ivory gull which is considered an “at risk” species. You’ll also have the option to hike on Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on Earth. It’s social distancing at its best and an introvert favourite.

Daily excursions with expert guides will provide you with a front row seat to Atlantic Canada’s bragging rights: ptarmigans, muskox, polar bears, whales, narwhals and seals. Whether you are on deck, in the Zodiac or attending a presentation series, your appreciation for the gravity of climate change and its impact on the Arctic and northern communities will surge.

Join your fellow Wild Women and explore Greenland and Arctic Canada (Nunavut) on our High Arctic Explorer in a way that will give you goosebumps that have nothing to do with the temperature! Did we mention the unicorns? (Insider info: Narwhals are known as

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