Holistic Boot Camp Retreat

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This retreat has multiple dates

Challenge & Transform Yourself at Boot Camp with Our Original Health Fitness & Wellness Holistic Boot Camp Retreat with The Ultimate Retreat Company

An all-inclusive holistic boot camp retreat program. Providing the perfect opportunity to significantly improve overall fitness, boost health & wellness, and lose unwanted weight & inches with lasting health & fitness benefits.

Our holistic boot camp delivers a proven, sustainable, results-driven program.It is built upon our many collective years of experience with thousands of happy guests; we limit the number of guests at each retreat, which allows us to offer a high level of personal attention, ensuring that your personal goals are understood & achieved. Our world-class professional team is trained in all aspects of health, wellness, nutrition, fitness & rehabilitation, their collective aim is to educate & support you whilst helping you to achieve your specific personal health, fitness & weight loss goals.

Holistic Boot Camp Fitness

Each day at Boot Camp will consist of between 4 – 8 hours of low-impact activity – centred around a varied & interesting fitness program with an active morning balanced by dedicated rest & relaxation time in the afternoon with late afternoon fitness classes plus stunning nature hikes, complimentary use of our indoor spa, gym and outdoor pools.

Many of the activities allow you to take advantage of the mood-boosting benefits of outdoor fitness, the fresh sea air & the glorious views provided by our beautiful coastal location. During afternoon relaxation time you can also enjoy the fabulous menu of additional face & body treatments offered by our amazing wellness team in our wellness spa.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

How will this retreat program help me?

  • Fitness – improve your overall fitness with effective, interesting & varied exercise options
  • Weight reduction/maintenance – achieve sustainable weight loss with simple, effective diet & lifestyle changes
  • Detox – with a light, natural alkaline nutritional plan
  • De-stress – both mind & body with daily yoga & meditation & life coaching
  • Recover & rejuvenate – allow yourself the time & space to recover your physical & mental health & wellbeing

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