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This retreat has multiple dates

Recover, Rebalance, Reset Mind & Body with The Ultimate Retreat Company

New: Total Life Reset Retreat Program

Our total life reset retreat program offers a safe & supportive environment in which to take a complete break so that you may significantly improve overall wellness, physical, emotional, mental & nutritional.

A complete wellness experience offers the opportunity to remove yourself from the stress and pressures of everyday life supported by professional guidance in a tranquil and natural location close to the sea. Clear, fresh air and peace and quiet will allow you to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and find new clarity and strength in both mind and body… supporting positive change and lasting improvement in well-being.

This small group retreat program ensures a very high level of attention from our entire team.

Stress is a major factor impacting our lives today & if you are suffering from a high level of professional or emotional stress or feel that your life / your health is already affected by or beginning to become affected by stress or by the natural ageing process then this retreat will offer the respite & recovery required to boost your overall state of health & wellbeing & to give you the “at home” tools with which to continue to improve the quality of both personal health & the life you live.

How will it help me?

This very special retreat is designed to help you to re-claim your personal mental & physical wellness. If you have been suffering from anxiety, burnout, stress, depression, adrenal fatigue, the menopause or if you are recovering from illness, recovering post surgery then this program is designed set you firmly on the path to regaining your overall wellness.

The Total Life Reset Program

In addition to our group activities on our total life re-set program you will benefit from a curated selection of private 1-2-1 appointments designed specially for you…to put you firmly back on the road to health & wellness

Our Total Life Reset 1-2-1 Appointment Selection:

We offer a pre-retreat consultation to discuss your needs & goals, based upon this & with your agreement a curated selection of a number of the following appointments will be made for you during your stay.

  • A full & detailed medical assessment & diagnosis of your wellness issues & the factors which have impacted on your health & wellness
  • A full Food Intolerance test & organ health medical appointment
  • Menopause-specific medical & wellness appointment with prescription service
  • Clinical psychologist
  • 1-2-1 counselling/clinical hypnosis/life coaching
  • 1-2-1 fitness training to include, yoga, pilates, functional & strength training
  • A Personalised nutritional plan according to your health requirements, health improvement, weight loss, managing/improving an illness with a specific diet/weight management/weight improvement
  • Emotional & stress management sessions / holistic life coaching/sleep management
  • Healthy lifestyle & mindfulness sessions, where you will learn how to form new healthy habits & how to implement them into everyday life after you leave the retreat
  • Havening ideal for those who have experienced trauma or who are experiencing anxiety
  • Phobia resolution
  • Kinesiology/reflexology & reiki
  • Rehabilitation post surgery / Injury
  • Mylogenics muscle enhancement technique where muscle testing is used to identify the weak links in your body to improve physical issues & injuries, restore flexibility & movement

Our fully qualified & professional team will be available to support & help you to rebuild both mind & body in a safe & supportive environment.

In addition, there will be a choice of optional (at an additional cost) natural & complimentary therapies to improve both physical & mental health, plus a selection of soothing, revitalizing & rejuvenating spa treatments all designed to boost both mind & body.

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