India November 2024

A majestic Bengal tiger poses, mouth open, for the camera to illustrate the Adventurous Ewe's women-only India November 2024 trip.

Tales from the Taj: Unveiling the Magic of India with The Adventurous Ewe

India is enchanting, vibrant, stimulating, and utterly beguiling, where life goes in apparent chaos. It’s what makes our journey into this land of many cultures, colours and traditions, a great adventure. India will bombard you with new experiences daily and fill your senses with intoxicating sights, sounds, smells and colours.

We won’t linger long in Delhi because the magnificent Taj Mahal awaits us. Taking 22 years to build, the Taj Mahal is considered one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. It still radiates a powerful energy almost 400 years later! You will understand when you stand in front of it.

In ten days, we may only sample a small part of India, but it’s more than enough to dip our toes into the delights of India. This tour offers a perfect blend of food, history, wildlife and cultural richness.

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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