Sax Zim Bog and Northern Lights

A grey owl stands in stark contrast among snow covered branches - Sax Zim Bog and Northern Lights - Women in Wildlife Photography

Join Women in Wildlife Photography for Sax Zim Bog and Northern Lights

Head to the woods and meadows of northern Minnesota with Women in Wildlife Photography to enjoy Sax Zim Bog and Northern Lights. As we photograph a wide variety of birds that migrate to the vast bog, marsh, woodland and meadow habitats of this region each winter. The timing correlates with the arrival of migrating birds from northern regions, including various finches and owls.

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This tour is ideal for those interested in learning about and photographing the birds of northern Minnesota. Potential species may include great gray owls, hawk owls, snowy owls, barred owls, common redpolls, ruffed grouse, pine grosbeak, boreal chickadees, black-capped chickadees, and many more. There are also potential opportunities for mammals, including moose, wolves, pine marten, bobcats, and red foxes. The Bog incorporates an exciting mix of nearly 300 square miles of black spruce and tamarack bog, upland aspen and maple forests, floodplain forests, sandy upland pine stands, rivers, lakes, farms, meadows, and towns. The northern lights will also be on a strong pattern for the next few years. We will keep an eye on the forecast for potential evening outings to photograph this unique nighttime activity for photographers.

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