Women In Wildlife Photography

Sarah E Devlin, CEO and owner of Women in Wildlife Photography, poses for the camera wearing a straw cowboy hat and holding a long-lensed camera.

Encouraging and supporting women wildlife photographers through small group tours.

Embracing the lens as my tool for artistic expression, I discovered a profound connection with nature—a source of solace and inspiration. Through my lens, I aim not only to capture the essence of the natural world but to share its abundant gifts. Nature possesses a transformative power, capable of healing and revitalizing.

A pivotal aspect of this endeavour has been the creation of wildlife photography tours tailored exclusively for women. These transformative expeditions, spanning the corners of the globe, are not just about capturing breathtaking images; they are about immersing oneself in the raw, untamed beauty of nature. Led by accomplished female photographers, these tours offer an unparalleled opportunity for participants to hone their skills while forging lasting bonds with fellow enthusiasts. I firmly believe that through shared experiences and encouragement, women can unlock their full creative potential.

Together, we celebrate the innate connection between women and wildlife, unlocking the potential for artistic expression, personal growth, and the preservation of our natural wonders. Let us embark on a shared adventure, where the camera captures not just moments, but the essence of a sisterhood united by a profound love for the untamed beauty that surrounds us.

In 2019, for Sarah E. Devlin what initially began as a Facebook group evolved into a thriving community where women photographers unite to share experiences, offer encouragement, and celebrate each other’s successes. The magic unfolds when women come together, fostering an environment where inspiration flourishes and skills are honed.



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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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