Tanzania Migration Safari


We hope you’ll join us on this trip of a lifetime to the country of Tanzania in East Africa, guided by renowned New England naturalist Chris Lewey. On this Tanzania Migration Safari we’ll visit some of the major national parks and experience the culture of this beautiful land just south of the equator. Tanzania is the 13th largest country in Africa and home to many native tribes, mammals both small and large and over 1100 species of birds which 29 of them are endemic and can’t be seen anywhere else. Over 30% of the landmass in Tanzania is protected for conservation in a series of National Parks, Wildlife and Conservation Areas. “Safari” means journey and this trip will be a journey not only to see the endless plains of the Serengeti and its wildlife and the villages and towns in remote lands, but a journey of your own perspectives that will provide memories that will last long after your return.

Chris first travelled to Africa in 2011 and has continued to return over the years. We expect you will quickly love this land and the adventures that we’ll share together. We’ll be just a small group travelling in a few 4×4 safari vehicles that are airy and comfortable and provide easy and safe viewing of the stunning wildlife there. Chris has partnered with Aurora Africa on previous safaris and will be your guide throughout the journey, along with our outstanding guides Tanzanian guides.

Children 8 years and above are welcome to join (with parent (s).

We’ll visit an authentic Maasai village at Isoitok and have an opportunity see up close a bit of this tribal culture. We have a limited number of spaces remaining.

Safari Highlights

* 13 days in country!
* Great guides, exceptional birders
* Authentic Maasai village experience at Isoitok
* Oldupai Gorge Museum visit… Mary and Louis Leakey research site
* Evacuation Insurance to Nairobi Included
* Private mobile camp in Ndutu for 3 nights
* Most meals included BLD where noted
* Value for money

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