Croatia – 2024 Bucket List Culinary and Cultural Tour


Discover the Istrian way of Life – From the moment you arrive in Croatia, you will start to enjoy the finest regional and seasonal food & drinks and admire the autumn landscape of ripened vineyards, fruit, nut, and olive orchards. You will feel time traveled as you find yourself surrounded by 14th – 16th-century landmarks and picturesque medieval hilltop towns and through it all feel the comforts and admire the modern innovations that surround. This will be no ordinary tour, but rather a behind-the-scenes showcasing the authentic culinary, historic, scenic, and multicultural treasures of Istria. I have curated a formidable itinerary that should delight all your senses. Stay in two 5-star and award-winning hotels and 1 charming boutique hotel in vibrant cities, picturesque medieval towns, and stunning seaside shores. Sip and savor the finest of Istrian gastronomy with visits and tastings at acclaimed local artisans of wine, cheese, olive oil, and of course, truffles. Tour historic & cultural landmarks. Take time to shop, spa, relax, swim, sail, hike, and bike to explore the local terrain.

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