The Women’s Travel Group

Phyllis Stoller, President of the Women's Travel Group, poses for a picture.

Small Group Luxury Tours for Women

The Women’s Travel Group Goals:

To exceed your travel expectations with unique experiences and area highlights.
To help you appreciate the nuances of a society and country.
To fill each day with anticipation, and each evening with friendly conversation.
To leave you with a new world perspective, shared with new travel friends.

Small Group Tours for Women

Phyllis Stoller was a vice president of a major bank who lived and worked overseas. She started one of the first women’s travel companies in 1992, followed by a second tour company in 2009. Both had goals of reaching solo women, who wanted to travel in the company of other women. Her idea was to mirror university trips, with in-depth sightseeing and learning, but at affordable prices. All trips include a slice of fun. Different from other women’s groups, WTG tours are small group tours to new-to-tourism countries like Albania, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Namibia, even Iran (when allowed). Alternatively, tours are in-depth to US or European areas.

Tours often have speakers: ie “Living as a divorced American woman in Sicily”. Itineraries include unusual sites: Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, Gozo Island, Malta, and central food markets in Italy. Hotels are 4-5 star, located in safe areas. Meals are in restaurants. Tour managers, who travel with groups, are highly experienced and licensed. Trip prices are inclusive to help with planning. WTG arranges airfare, insurance and extra days.

WTG also caters to private groups.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment is both macro and micro. Macro we avoid visiting countries which are egregiously climate destructive. Micro we suggest water be supplied in own bottles and we chose hotels which use climate control not air conditioning, whenever possible. Unfortunately we fly but are also well aware of the questions underlying the effectiveness of “carbon neutrality”.

Single Supplement Policy

The Women’s Travel has a single supplement for those who wish a single room. We offer partner matching and arrange for shares to speak to each other before a trip. Some trips have a share guarantee. We do not arrange shares for smokers.

Upcoming Tours

Travel Associations

A women-only tour group stands in front of a life-sized Baku sign - The Women's Travel Group
A women-only travel group poses in front of the Abu Dhabi Louvre - The Women's Travel Group

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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