Baffin Island and Greenland


Circling the Midnight Sun is an extraordinary experience escalated by the passage through Inuit Nunangat–the ice, water and lands of Inuit. Between April and September, the northern hemisphere is tipped toward the sun which results in longer days and warmer weather. Near and north of the Arctic Circle, the astronomical phenomenon of the midnight sun occurs. Depending on the community, the sun never completely sets beneath the horizon for up to four months of the year!

This startling landscape revolves around natural phenomena–it’s critical habitat for polar bears, countless species of endemic Arctic wildlife and the flora of the unique Arctic tundra biome (the world’s coldest and driest biome).

On the Baffin Island and Greenland small ship expedition, you’ll cruise among the jam of icebergs that pepper the Ilulissat Icefjord, (a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the fjords of Sisimiut. Immense glacier faces and puzzle piece islands, snow-laden peaks abound and surround. Canada’s largest island unfolds in rolling tundra—and you’ll have the opportunity to explore Southeast Baffin Island on foot.

As weather and sea conditions permit, there will be several opportunities to hike and explore the silent, ice-strewn region by Zodiac seeking polar bears, Arctic foxes and one of the smallest species of whale, the beluga.

The ship’s team of enthused naturalists, marine biologists and geologists will be eager to share their knowledge and experience–learning about Inuit life, maritime history, climate change and whale behavior from seasoned Arctic experts will easily deepen your affection for this landscape.

Discover the dynamic supernatural wonders of the Cumberland Peninsula and deep artistic talents and traditions of Panniqtuuq. At the Uqqurmiut Inuit Arts Centre, you’ll witness the depth of talented Inuit artists who create the intricate tapestries and prints that reflect their connection to the land.

This is an all-encompassing expedition with the midnight sun on your shoulders!

Note: The Baffin Island and Greenland adventure begins with a northbound charter flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit, Nunavut and departs from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland southbound to Toronto, Ontario.

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