Bhutan Hiking Adventure

A Nepalese woman dressed in a colourful, cultural outfit, walks along a suspension bridge that has flags tied to the ropes to illustrate the Bhutan Hiking Adventure from Wild Women Expeditions.

*This tour has multiple departure dates

Additional Dates:

Oct 20—Nov 1
Apr 21—May 3
May 5—17
Sep 28—Oct 10
Nov 6—18

Join Wild Women Expeditions on a Bhutan Hiking Adventure

Trekking through the velvet green valleys of a remote Himalayan kingdom, yak herders will greet you with wide smiles. The reverberating chant of monks residing in cliffside monasteries will be felt in your ribcage. This is the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and the colourful prayer flags and flowering alpine meadows are kindling for spiritual renewal.

Delve into the experience

Over thirteen soul-expansive days, you’ll trek through tidy rice paddy terraces, and rural villages through blue pine forests and sleep in Himalayan valleys peppered with sacred sites. You’ll have the opportunity to visit countless monasteries, nunneries and ancient fortresses. From the fever pitch of the Jakar festival to the fabled “Burning Lake” to the arrival of the rare black-necked cranes returning to their wintering grounds–Bhutan is a diverse, enlightening and panorama-packed destination.

Activities & Highlights: Hiking, Camping

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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