Christmas Markets Land & River Cruise

The Avalon Tranquility flows along a river in Asia to illustrate Christmas Markets Land and River Cruise with Sisterhood Travels

This tour has multiple departures

Christmas Markets Land & River Cruise with Sisterhood Travels

This bespoke journey combines the charm of Prague’s festive streets with the tranquil allure of river cruising, all aboard the Tranquility II—a vessel chartered entirely for the Sisterhood. Imagine the sheer delight of knowing that every face you see, every laugh you share, and every story you hear comes from a fellow member of our extraordinary community.

Join us for an experience that promises unforgettable moments and a magical connection to a community of like-minded women. Together, we’ll celebrate the joy of the season and the power of our shared journey. The Sisterhood awaits on the Tranquility II—will you be there to share in the magic?

Christmas Markets Land & River Cruise Tour Highlights

3 Nights In Prague On Land – 5 Nights River Cruise On The Tranquility II and… WE’VE CHARTERED THE ENTIRE SHIP FOR THE SISTERHOOD!

  • 3 Nights In Prague On Land, our adventure commences with three magical nights in Prague, a city that wears the festive season like a crown. Prague’s Christmas markets are a wonder to behold, with their charming stalls offering everything from exquisite handicrafts to delectable local treats. As we wander through these vibrant markets together, wrapped in the warmth of shared discovery, the season’s spirits will envelop us in a blanket of joy and festive cheer.
  • 5 Nights River Cruise flowing the waters of Europe’s majestic rivers; the Tranquility II awaits to embrace us in comfort and style. Our home for five nights on the water will be our private sanctuary, where every detail is tailored for the Sisterhood. With the entire ship at our disposal, the possibilities for connection, relaxation, and fun are boundless. Picture evenings spent sharing stories and laughter over gourmet meals, dancing under the stars on the deck, and unwinding in the cozy lounge with new friends who feel like old ones.
  • We cruise from one enchanting stop to another, exploring the heart of Europe’s Christmas markets. The season’s beauty unfolds before us in a tapestry of traditions, flavours, and lights. Each market we visit offers a unique glimpse into the local culture, with handcrafted gifts, traditional foods, and the warm glow of holiday decorations.

This isn’t just a trip; it’s an opportunity to forge lasting bonds and create memories that will sparkle in our hearts long after the journey ends. Additionally, It’s a chance to laugh until it hurts, dance like no one’s watching, and indulge in the magic of the season, all within the embrace of the Sisterhood.

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