Pura Vida in Costa Rica

A curious capuchin monkey perched atop a lush tree amidst the verdant canopy of Tortuguero National Park - Pura Vida in Costa Rica - Sisterhood Travels

Explore, Bond, And Revel In Costa Rica’s Splendors On A ‘Pura Vida’ Adventure with Sisterhood Travels

Welcome to Pura Vida Costa Rica! A specially curated, women-only tour that invites you to embrace Costa Rica’s vibrant spirit and natural beauty.

Imagine stepping off the plane in San Jose, the bustling heart of this Central American paradise, where your journey of discovery and sisterhood begins. From the moment you arrive, you’re not just a traveller: you are part of a close-knit group of adventurous women ready to explore and bond over shared experiences.

A walk through our itinerary

Our first evening in San Jose sets the tone for the trip – laid-back, inviting, and full of anticipation for the wonders that await.

We will venture into Tortuguero National Park, which unfolds with new marvels daily. Wake up to the symphony of rainforest life, from chattering monkeys to the colorful plumage of tropical birds. Our journey takes us through a labyrinth of waterways. And offering close encounters with Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife, including jaguars, manatees, and the elusive green macaw.

The trip is not just about wildlife; it’s an immersion into the rich Costa Rican culture. We’ll delve into local traditions, learn about sea turtle conservation, and even try our hand at making traditional coconut candy. Picture yourself unwinding in eco-friendly lodges nestled in the heart of the jungle, where nature’s tranquillity envelops you.

Our adventure continues with serene boat rides, visits to cacao plantations where the secrets of chocolate unfold, and peaceful safaris along the Peñas Blancas River.

Each activity thoughtfully highlights the best of Costa Rica’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage. Whether marvelling at the majestic Arenal Volcano, exploring hanging bridges high above the rainforest canopy, or relaxing on pristine beaches, this journey promises excitement, relaxation, and meaningful connections.

Join us on this exclusive escapade through Costa Rica. Every moment celebrates the joy of travel, nature’s beauty, and sisterhood’s enduring bonds. Pura Vida!

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