Zen & Zest Odyssey: Exploring Japan and Seoul


Join The Ultimate Women’s Expedition, Exploring Japan And Seoul With Sisterhood Travels!

Welcome to Sisterhood Travels’ latest adventure: The Zen & Zest Odyssey Exploring Japan and Seoul! This uniquely crafted, women-only tour is your gateway to an intimate exploration of the cultural heartbeats of Japan and Seoul. We don’t just take you on a journey; we embrace the essence of exclusive experiences that you won’t find elsewhere.

Your Cultural Itinerary

Imagine diving into the serene world of Japan, where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly. Here, you will have the rare opportunity to meet and dine with ama pearl divers in their traditional ama hut. An experience that connects you to the deep-rooted heritage of these remarkable women. Additionally, you’ll find peace and introspection in an authentic Japanese monastery. The welcoming Buddhist monks will share their wisdom and way of life with us.

The journey through Japan’s soul continues as we meet a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, a poignant encounter that promises to be as moving as it is enlightening. Our expedition is not just about seeing; it’s about connecting, learning, and understanding the diverse experiences of women in Japan.

As we venture into Seoul, the vibrancy of Korea awaits. Here, Sisterhood Travels takes you beyond the typical tourist paths. We’ll step into the intriguing realm of the DMZ for a tour that’s as enlightening as it is rare, topped with a private meeting with a North Korean defector. The stories, resilience, and insights they share will leave a lasting impact. Moreover, what better way to enjoy lunch than by sharing a meal with a local South Korean family in their home, savouring their cuisine, traditions, and company?

This tour isn’t just a journey; it’s a carefully curated experience by Stacey Ray, designed to immerse you in the Zen of Japan and the zest of Korea. Ready for an odyssey that promises enlightenment, connection, and unforgettable memories? Join us on this exclusive adventure where each step is a story, and every experience is a treasure. Welcome to the Zen & Zest Odyssey!

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