Galápagos Islands Active Adventure


This tour has multiple departures

Experience the Galápagos from a front row seat–in the cockpit of a kayak! This itinerary allows for a very intimate discovery of the islands. Whether you are paddling or dog-paddling in the company of green sea turtles and playful sea lions, the sights above and below the water are unmatched.

We’ll camp for two nights on Manglecito Beach underneath the constellations–the Southern Cross is rarely visible from the Northern Hemisphere. On the equator, on a clear night, we’ll be able to see the Dipper and the Cross glitter above.

On this active adventure, we’ll stretch our legs on challenging hikes up Frigatebird Hill and the massive rim of calderas like Volcan Sierra. We’ll snorkel in the shadows of the ‘sleeping lion’ (León Dormido–also known as the iconic Kicker Rock) and sneak through lava tunnels in hopes of spotting an elusive barn owl.

Of course we’ll check off all the endemics and Island faves: the blue-footed and masked boobies, frigatebirds, prehistoric marine iguanas, lava herons, giant tortoises and curious penguins.

We’ll poke around biodiverse tidal pools, swim in Tortuga Bay, paddle deep into the mangroves and walk along powder-white beaches. A visit to Isabela’s Tortoise Breeding Center and a wild tortoise sanctuary on Santa Cruz is always a giant-sized highlight.

If you want to deep-dive into the marvels of the Galápagos, this trip offers all the feels: underwater caves, active volcanoes, countless boobies, eagle rays, sun rays, sea stars and the pin-prick of stars in the canopy overhead.

October 12—22
November 23—December 3
February 8—18
March 8—18
April 5—15
October 11—21
November 22—December 2

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