Greenland and Wild Labrador

Greenland and Wild Labrador - Wild Women Expeditions

If your to-do checklist includes polar bears, icebergs, learning the Greenland Polka, birding nirvana, tromping around national parks, Norse and Inuit history—our Greenland to Wild Labrador Adventure is designed just for you. Right down to the cup of fragrant Labrador tea (and we’ve included a few mummies for good measure)!

Nature and Inuit heritage are celebrated in our passage through the unspoiled fjords and remote coastal communities of Greenland to the skinny Narrows of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Hike and explore historic sites like the abandoned Moravian Mission in Hebron. Visit communities in Greenland, northern Labrador and eastern Newfoundland and experience the true heartbeat of the land–the people who live there. Take advantage of the extreme birding and wildlife opps from the vantage point of a zodiac. Relax and unwind or get wound up!

Your voyage will be coloured with thoughtful discussions, expert interpretation and the adrenalin found in seeing unfamiliar places. The landscape delivers rolling, ever-changing visuals: Inuit hamlets, saw-toothed mountains, glacier-scraped fjords, string bogs, stands of black spruce and indigo waters.

We’ll zodiac along the sheer face of a Greenlandic glacier and cruise among icebergs; feel the beat of the local music and dance (yes, Greenland Polka is a thing!); decide between Arctic char, redfish, lumpfish or capelin and learn a few words (torrak! *That’s “awesome” in Greenlandic). Be sure to ask about the kaffemic tradition—no spoilers here! You’ll be glad you did.

We’ll cross the Arctic Circle by ship via the bewildering Søndre Strømfjord. We’ll hike and zodiac among the burning fall colours of Torngat Mountains National Park.

On the final leg of our journey, we’ll experience the Viking vibe at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of L’Anse aux Meadows. With your Wild Women Viking-in-training crew, we’ll be back in the Narrows all too soon with expanded hearts. Are you coming?

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