Ultimate Morocco

Ultimate Morocco Wild Women Expeditions

Morocco’s landscape is a juxtaposition of vast deserts, buzzing ancient cities and the enormous Atlas mountain range. It’s a true mosaic and the culture is felt in the extremes of colour, patterns and Berber villages.

On this 15 day tour, we’ll cut through prolific palm groves in the oasis and the brown sugar dunes of the Sahara Desert. We’ll journey into the fragrant Ifrane cedar forests in the Middle Atlas mountains, and stand knee-deep in the raw force of the Atlantic Ocean.

We’ll ride camels through the bronzed expanse of the Sahara. Their relaxed footfalls and sway lends to their nickname, “the ships of the desert.” As the sun retires, we’ll experience a spicy feast before stretching out to sleep in a luxury tent.

This trip explores the ancient medinas of the Blue City (Chefchaouen), Fes and Marrakech. The rainbow hues of the famous tanneries are mesmerizing: the pinwheel of red (derived from the poppy flower), orange from henna, and indigo blue, dot the city like a cartoon grid. We’ll meander around the vibrant market where baskets overflow with spices and tapestries of delicate handmade weaving entice.

We’ll hike in the fertile serenity of Ziz valley, through palm and olive trees, Kasbahs and small rural villages. We’ll take part in a sacred henna ceremony and be privy to genuine Moroccan hospitality by sharing a tagine, chicken pastilla and sweet mint tea with a local family.

On this exceptional journey we will visit the cedar forests near Ifrane, home to see the only primate found north of the Sahara–the Barbary macaque. We’ll also feel the rush of the dramatic Todra Gorge – a series of cascading limestone ledges that soar up to 400m (1,312ft). We’ll sleep closer to the stars at a magical eco guesthouse in Toubkal National Park. Kasbah du Toubkal, perched on a plateau at 1,800m (5,906ft), is like sleeping in the beating heart of the Atlas Mountains.

Ultimate Morocco will let you experience northern Africa’s towers, turrets and tagines on foot, by camel, Jeep and bike. This mosaic is not a mirage!

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