Accommodation for Women Travellers

Safe, affordable alternatives for women who travel

Updated on November 9th, 2021

Coming Soon: Special deals and discounts

Find local accomodations for women, recommended by women, that meet your needs during your travels.

While hotels, Airbnb, and local rentals might be top-of-mind for many women, we’re bringing you an array of alternative women-friendly accommodations to travel cost-effectively, including homestays, hospitality exchanges, housesitting, and volunteering, all recommended by women, for women. Please note we do not accept individual listings but will be pleased to refer you to one of our accommodation partners.

Not sure where to start looking for accommodations for your next trip? Read more about female-friendly accommodations, recommended by women. Whether you are looking to book a vacation rental or want to reduce costs by finding a travel roommate we have some tips for you to consider before booking. (Looking for a travel partner? Sign up for our safe, secure Forum!)