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I believe that travel is one of the most life-enhancing things we can do. It helps us understand and appreciate other people, places and cultures. With that understanding, comes empathy – the vivid realization that we all share so much in common, even as we marvel at the differences. And with empathy comes connection. Connection to other people is the secret to a happy life and a peaceful, healthy world.

If women are going to change the world, we need to get out there to see it, experience it and understand it. We need to cultivate a world-view that’s uniquely feminine. So let’s go ladies!


I created Girls’ Guide to the World because I found something magical happens when a small group of women travel together to a place of great beauty and culture. The story-telling, the dreams, the heartbreak, the laughter and the discovery all meld together to create a lasting kinship with one another. Its a completely different experience than going by yourself, with your family, or on a large packaged group trip.

In 2009, we began with small-group, women-only trips to Paris, then expanded to other parts of France … then Bali, England, Greece & Morocco. Now, we’re traveling the globe to more than 25 countries. My heart will always be in Paris, but the spirit of our trips transcends any one place.

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