JourneyWoman 30th Anniversary Celebration World Tour – Machu Picchu Peru Volunteer Trip

This is a special departure for JourneyWoman's 30th Anniversary!

Marvelling at the view of Machu Picchu on a cloudy day - Machu Picchu Volunteer Trip - Conservation VIP

Travel with Conservation Volunteer International Program on our Machu Picchu Volunteer Trip 

Join us for an extraordinary experience at one of the world’s most astounding archaeological treasures! Guided by a local Peruvian guide and experienced American trip leaders, you will volunteer on projects which help sustain Machu Picchu.

Along the way, you will learn about the Inca empire and its lasting impact on the Peruvian culture while helping to preserve Machu Picchu Sanctuary for future generations.

We believe that a once in a lifetime visit to this astonishing site should leave you feeling inspired and connected, with lasting memories. As a nonprofit, we are driven by purpose, not by profit. Pursuing our mission to help sustain Machu Picchu, we do not rush through the site as many tours do.

On our Machu Picchu Volunteer Trip, under the supervision of Peruvian park rangers, we spend several days at Machu Picchu. This allows you to experience the vibrant spirit of the sanctuary and to slowly absorb the extraordinary achievements represented by the extensive Inca ruins, as you help to preserve this fabled Inca citadel.

The places you will visit and where you will have an impact during your volunteering.

Our journey begins in Cusco. Here, in the former capital of the Inca empire, you will begin to acclimatize to the high Andean elevation as we visit local museums and nearby historic sites to learn about the history of the Incas in preparation for the experience at Machu Picchu.

You will also sample Peru’s excellent fusion cuisine, which we will enjoy throughout the trip.

After our time in Cusco, we travel by train through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu Village, here we will be helping the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of the Environment on projects which help to preserve Machu Picchu. Tasks may vary, depending on the needs of the ministries at the time of the trip. In the past, projects have included such activities as removing moss and plants from walls, windows and niches, removing encroaching invasive species, repairing Incan trails, and more.

After our stay at the Sanctuary, we return via train to Ollantaytambo, then private transport to Cusco, where the trip ends.

Join the November 2024 Machu Picchu Volunteer Trip and Travel with Purpose! Pachamama – known by the Incas as Mother Earth – will thank you!

What Amy had to say after experience joining back in November – “An absolutely fantastic and one-of-a-kind trip!! It was well-organized, Millie is an amazing leader, Santiago is the best guide out there, and it was wonderful to have Pablo’s insights into architecture! To learn about, and help take care of in a small way, an amazing UNESCO site such as Machu Picchu was a real privilege. I loved working with the local Peruvian staff and our group of volunteers got along fantastically. Can’t recommend this trip enough!”   

– Amy, November 2023

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