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South Georgia, Antarctica - Wild Women Expeditions

It’s rare that you can combine such juxtapositions as consorting with king penguins and nursing a pint in a twee English village.

The Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica navigation is a blend of otherworldly ice, dunes, biodiverse beaches, ghosts and graves. For birders, the jagged cliffs teem with species in a cacophony that reminds of the undisturbed wildness of the utopian isles.

As a “Floating U” student, you will learn about the controversial history of the Falkland Islands in the capital of Stanley (also referred to as Port Stanley), with its British outpost vibes. The Ocean Adventurer’s expert Expedition Team will also feed you all the intel you need to confidently point out a gentoo from a southern rockhopper penguin!

In South Georgia, you’ll visit the packed beaches and boisterous breeding grounds of king penguins–this region has one of the highest densities of animal life on earth. Can you hear Attenborough’s gushing and enthralled narrative now? Dubbed the ‘Galapagos of the Poles’, it’s home to over 30 million breeding birds and nesting sites of the wandering albatross. Thousands of seals, four breeding species of penguin and the largest colony of king penguins on the planet all live semi-harmoniously in this community.

South Georgia was an intrinsic part of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated Endurance expedition. You’ll visit Grytviken, the settlement that surrounded the first whaling station ever established in sub-Antarctic waters. It’s also the site of Shackleton’s grave.

The 7th continent delivers endless days of congregating wildlife and the sheer, silent serenity of the Antarctic Peninsula’s topography. Insert a day exploring Stanley and this Explorers and Kings trip checks off every box from the Drake Passage to penguins to pints to genuine Brit fish and chips. Just add a polar plunge.

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