Heart of the Arctic Expedition

Heart of the Arctic - Wild Women Expeditions

Polar plunge yourself into the extremes where the frozen landscape, polar bears and Inuit culture merge on our Heart of the Arctic adventure!

You’ll be in the company of local knowledge-keepers, recognized Arctic experts, historians and naturalists eager to share their bone-deep passion and intel with you.

We’ll go deeper than an iceberg below the surface (that’s 90% deeper!). It’s the curriculum you longed for in high school: geology, botany, archeology, art, climate change, Inuit language and heritage. It will feel like recess all day long aboard the Ocean Endeavour (dubbed the “floating university” for good reason). You’ll have the opportunity to explore niche subjects via presentations, workshops and discussion panels that you won’t want to skip. Warning: there will be plenty of distractions due to the ever-changing landscape and surprise wildlife encounters!

You will meet the gifted Inuit artists in South Baffin Island’s famous artistic communities. Their ancient and contemporary expressions communicate Arctic life and an integral connection to the land through sculpture and carvings.

We will also explore Nunavik, Quebec’s northernmost region that stretches above the 55th parallel and cross the historic Davis Strait in the shadow of the explorers.

It’s a photographer’s nirvana with the tundra in full bloom. Bonus: we will also experience the remarkable glow of Arctic’s buttery sun and bathe in 18-20 hours of daylight. No need for a filter!

We’ll cross the fabled Arctic Circle by ship via the longest fjord in the world, the Søndre Strømfjord, and witness Akpatok Island too. A designated important bird area, Akpatok is home to up to 4.5% of the global North Atlantic thick-billed murre population.

The panoramic fjords of Greenland, the eastern edge of the Canadian-shield (Baffin Island), rhythmic tides of the Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay combine to offer a giant dose of beauty and bounty. From the ship, by Zodiac, or on foot, we’ll seek out the incredible species that call this matchless region home—whales, bears and caribou! We’ll be constantly searching for marine mammals, polar bears, and seabirds like the kittiwakes and fulmars in this biodiverse Arctic environment.

The zodiacs will allow us to adventure untethered from the dependency of ports, piers, and other human-made infrastructure. These versatile boats and the Ocean Endeavour will sail you through what you once thought was just an irrational dream.

For anyone who is curious and enamored by the power of nature, the midnight sun and intrigued by Inuit culture, be sure to join Wild Women on our Heart Of The Arctic Adventure!

Check out the webinar about our Heart Of The Arctic and High Arctic Explorer Expeditions for all the feels!

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