Sacred Japan

Sacred Japan - Wild Women Expeditions

This 12-day immersion into sacred Japan is a beautifully balanced combination of relaxing walks, bike rides and intimate experiences with locals involved in tea production, sea cucumber farming and free diving.

You’ll meet the strong and dedicated female free divers known as the ama-san. Learn about the daily rhythms of tea farmers from local women who will teach us the fine art of picking and roasting the leaves before a tea tasting.

From a rural tea plantation to the thunderous taiko drumming demonstration, we’ll witness the talents of Japanese women who are carrying on generational traditions and Japanese heritage through sound, art, tea and sushi! Prepare to be wowed at the dinner prepared by a dexterous female sushi chef!

On this journey, you’ll walk 16km (10 miles) along sections of the Nakasendo Trail and the cliffside Kuniga Coast Walking Track. Meander along the trails of Mount Daisen and through the tidy gardens, serene temples and shrines that colour the landscape of Tadasu no Mori Forest.

This trip revolves around newness–you’ll taste it in the unfamiliar flavours of Kyoto cuisine that revolve around seasonality, freshness, simplicity and the visual appeal of colour, texture, garnishes, plating and most importantly, taste.

It’s an edible education–a simple cup of tea will never taste the same as the memories of the Asamiya tea experience are evoked in an aroma. The newness is seen in emerald rice paddies and bamboo groves. You’ll feel it as you e-bike around the Oki Islands (a designated UNESCO Global Geopark) and take in the wildness of the sea and meet the free divers that depend on its bounty. You’ll feel it in the deep purification of the onsens’ healing waters and in the arduous climb to a thousand-year-old temple on Mount Mitoku.

Join Wild Women as we introduce Japan for the very first time and unlock the mystical. Renew your senses and spirit on this adventure that offers a big taste of Japan’s traditions, menu, topography, ancient wisdom and pilgrimages.

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