Scotland The Faroe Islands and Iceland North Atlantic Saga


If you like a little of this and a little of that, this is exactly what you’re looking for! Navigating in the comfort of the Ocean Endeavour from historic Aberdeen, Scotland to jazzy Reykjavik, Iceland, this North Atlantic Saga adventure offers an intimate introduction to the 18 volcanic Faroe Islands scattered in the sea in between. This itinerary delivers a solid dose of seabirds, archaeology, art, stone henges, puffins, Faroese chain dancing and Icelandic hot dogs!

Photographers will go bonkers for the old-timey footbridges, futuristic sub-sea tunnels of the Western Faroes, the enigmatic Orkney Ring of Brodgar (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the animated puffins and otherworldly Múlafossur waterfall that plunges into the North Atlantic in one powerful ribbon.

Art aficionados will want to make a beeline to the National Art Gallery to take in the daunting collection of 2,500 works at the Nordic House in Tórshavn. The island’s oxblood-red wooden buildings covered with emerald turf roofs are an open-air gallery in their own right–and you don’t have to whisper in their midst! Viking junkies will be pulled in several directions, imagining the battles, bloodshed and bargaining in the Norse settlements.

The landscape offers everything: volcanoes, dramatic waterfalls, Jenga-like sea stacks, spooky caves, lava fields, glacier-scraped fjords and white-washed cliffs peppered with seabirds. Only a coconut plantation is missing, really.

Arriving in Iceland, you’ll have a front-row seat to a landscape unlike any other, one that is a never-ending geological timeline, defined by the rhythms of the sea at the edge of the Arctic Circle. This is where the hot dog fits in!

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