The Camino de Santiago Hiking Adventure

Updated on September 18th, 2023

The legendary Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage designed to stretch both your mind and hamstrings. “The Way” will stir all your senses as you follow the historic route as it curves through the verdant northwest coast of Spain.

In the company of like-minded women, you will explore the final 108 kilometers of the Camino at a pace that encourages leisurely café con leches in the morning sun and restorative stays at welcoming rural hotels en route. The relaxed itinerary allows for complete immersion and soulful meditation in the ever-changing landscape of eucalyptus-perfumed forests, sleepy pastoral villages, imposing churches and limestone architecture that are synonymous with the UNESCO World Heritage site. Fuelled by impromptu tapas and celebrated local wines with new friends, the distance is often forgotten over easy conversation and the rhythm of footfalls.

While the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and burial place of apostle Saint James signifies the monumental end of the Camino, the winding journey is where the magic lies. Walking alongside century-old corn cribs and moss-shrouded stone walls buoyed by the tinkle of distant church bells will be felt and heard long after you kick off your dusty hiking boots in Santiago.

The completion of the nine-day hike becomes instantly tangible with the official Compostela passport stamp that is awarded to pilgrims who have made the physical, mental and spiritual commitment.

Isn’t it time you walked in a brave, new direction?