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Updated on April 28th, 2022

Find healing, wellness or solace on your own terms

When we experience grief, loss or major life changes, our stress levels skyrocket and our immunity plummets, leaving us open to illness. Whether we do it before or after we hit burnout, travel is something that we intuitively turn to for renewal. We are proud to bring you a unique selection of places around the world that offer retreats just for women, including those that cater to specific interests like yoga, writing, photography, art and more!

Read more about the value of Wellness Retreats for women and our tips on how to choose the right retreat in How Women Heal Through Solo Travel, which features recommendations and stories of women finding renewal through travel. Grieving a loss? Read Grief Journeys: Travel After Loss for stories of women who have found healing through travel.

Retreat Places for Women around the World

Tours for Women with Retreat Themes

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